Canna Connection

BY EMILY PINKOS When people think about smoking weed, there are the usual images that come to mind — Cheech and/or Chong, Snoop Dogg’s string bean body, Abi and Ilana […]

Attleboro Grand Opening Celebration

TERPS Attleboro is having our Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, April 23rd! We’ve put together a cannabis carnival, if you will, featuring some of our favorite vendor pop-up shops, mouth-watering […]


By Emily Pinkos The opening of a new dispensary is always exciting; the display cases are pristine, the bud-tenders are trained and ready to answer questions like “What might help […]

Spring Smokes

By Emily Pinkos I don’t know if you guys have noticed, but things are thawing. The ground, the air, our bodies. Entering the spring season means we can hopefully be […]

A Case for Cold Weather Cannabis

By Emily Pinkos As those of us living in the top-right-corner of this country know, winter is brutal for so many reasons. Everything seems to be more difficult once we […]

New Year, New You

By Emily Pinkos Now that the stress of the holiday season is over, we can be stressed about the fact that it’s almost 2022! Sounds fake, but okay…With the new […]

Opening Wellfleet

August 4, 2021 Written by Marcy Leventhal While most people are aware that cannabis operations come with a lot of regulatory requirements, they probably don’t know how much work goes […]